My New Book 

This book gives voice to women globally about the epidemic of depression and trauma women of color suffer in silence due to the continued stigma attached to seeking and receiving mental health treatment.


As a psychotherapist and woman of color, it is my mission to create a space in this world where were can speak about our vulnerabilities and fears without fear of judgement or emotional consequences. A place where generational curses are spoken and broken. A sacred and respected space where your feelings are validated:

Yes, depression is real!


This book is that space that I created for us! It is my prayer this book shall set many free from years of strongholds of depression and trauma by creating a safe place for stories and narratives of minority women, who are in the struggle to be shared.


The book is intended to be a resource and confirmation that healing can occur and provide tools and information to release you from and heal you of the hurt and pain of your former story ( a victim). 


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